Here are some places that jeterville residents like to visit -- frequently...

The Best

Jonathon Cainer's Horoscope
You gotta see what kind of day it will be -- don't you?

24 Frames Per Second &
Internet Movie Database
Everything you ever wanted to know about film, but were afraid to ask.

A Big Red Barn

Ode to Jessamyn's Barn...

Barenaked Ladies Heaven
The band! Not chicks!

Radio Spirits Home Page
Old Time Radio Drama

Fishing With Shelley & Courtney
Two very cute, very perky Canadian gals catchin' some BIG fishes!

The Films of Joe Christ
Interesting stuff from an independent NYC based film maker! If you'd like to see his Top 100 film list, click here > Joe's Top 100

The Long Hard Journey
Some poetry and other creative musings from an emerging adult. Good stuff.


Wizard Hat

The Mighty Fish


The Ghost Web
Cool Pictures & Links

SciFi Channel Sightings
UFOs, Ghosts, Etc.


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