A short while back, the AFI published this list -- "Top 100 Films of All Time." Soon after, me and a couple of pals of mine got our hands on it courtesy of Mr. Murdoch and the local Herald Tribune. After just one peek at this so-called 'definitive list', my buddies, they just bust out laughing.

"This ain't no definitive list!" they says, "We could do better without even tryin'!"

"NO WAY!!! I said, slapping the list hard on the table. "This here's the AFI! They know film, they're big, and I don't want to get mixed up with the likes of them! You guys are nuts!!!"

Well my pals, they start slappin' me around, callin' me 'chicken' and suggest I try lookin' at the list one more time before makin' some foolish decision.

So, after wipin' the blood from my fat lip I take another peek at this supposed all inclisive, 'best ever' list of flicks.

"Alright, alright. You made your point. I'll do it -- but on one condition." I say, leveling my piece on 'em, "You guys get to do it too."

When they see they got no choice they start nodding real quick-like. "Okay! Okay!" they said. "Just put that thing away before somebody gets hurt."

I knew they'd eventually see it my way...

AFI's Top 100
The one that started it all!

Brad Jeter

Joe Violenté

Verson Jetorix

Chris Dieter

Chris Campbell

Joe Christ - Film Maker

Douglas E. Butcher

Honorary Lists

Terry A.


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