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august 2000

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august 30

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that unmistakeable *NIP* of fall in the Northwest air??? When I walked outside Monday morning to get the paper before work, I actually contemplated donning a jacket!!! YIKES!!! Other signs???

- RAIN on Tuesday!

- FOG this morning!

- The worst damned weather change SINUS MIGRAINE I've had in nearly a year!

Oh YES my friend, summer 2K is nearly history! School starts next week and so does football and soccer season!!! It's undeniable and unavoidable -- FALL 2K IS COMING SOON TO A TOWN NEAR YOU!!!!!!


august 28

What did 'I' do this weekend???

Watched a TON of movies:

The Heart of Midnight

Cat People -- for the umpteenth time...

Your Friends and Neighbors

The Real Blonde

Walking and Talking

The Story of a Three Day Pass

Cleaned house -- ALL DAY Saturday:

Vacuumed between the cushions in the couches.

Washed 6 months worth of orange juice and ice cream spills from all the shelves in the refrigerator and freezer.

Scrubbed the burned on gook from all the gas cook top pieces.

Scoured all kinds of milk and juice spills from all the major appliances -- top-to-bottom.

Vacuumed -- everywhere!

Dusted -- damn near everything!

Lit some incense to clear the air...

Got a big tear on my calf from a bolt head when a bike fell over, and ripped into it, while I was reaching for something on a shelf in the garage.

It bled all over the place -- for a couple hours!

Cleaned it, dressed it, disinfected it and it still hurts like hell!



For those of you that know film, you can see that I totally went off on a Katherine Keener bender! She has such wonderful range and is totally believable in any role that she assumes. I think that I may actually be in love with her! But not with her character in 'Your Friends and Neighbors' -- OOOOOOOOOOUUUUW -- she was SOOOOOO mean.

Anyhow, I'm so glad that she has chosen to stick with her independent film track and has resisted the temptation of doing formula for H-Wood -- so far. I hope that the Oscar nomination for 'Being John Malkovich' doesn't influence her choice of roles TOO much in the future.

The 'Heart of Midnight' was real creepy for about 75 minutes but managed to 'cheese out' near the end. I think that it's still worth a look though if you like to be scared!

Out of all the films I saw this weekend, I was most surprised -- and impressed -- by Melvin Van Peebles' 'The Story of a Three Day Pass.' This film, which was made in France in 1968, explores the differences in attitude that Europe and America have about racial issues -- including interracial dating. Although the Europeans view 'people as people' -- no matter the skin color -- it is still hard for a black U.S. service man stationed in France to accept or believe. His perception of himself is totally based on how he's been treated his entire life by Americans, including his recent promotion because his Captain finds him to be a 'good negro.' The message of confused self-perception and self-worth is delivered with an incredibly artful charm, that leaves us thinking -- not obsessing. All-in-all, it was a wonderful find on such a blasť weekend.


august 25

Here is some cool -- and some not-so-cool -- stuff I did this week.

  • Returned some books I borrowed. (Cool!)
    They were long overdue to be returned. (Not-so-cool)

  • Had lunch with a friend that I hadn't seen in nearly 3 years! (Cool!)

  • Mowed the lawn. (Not-so-cool)

  • Ran kids to and from soccer practice. (Cool!)

  • Sent a defective reel back to Abu Garcia in Spirit Lake, Iowa. (Not-so-cool)

  • Cleared the planned 'raising of the fence bottom' with my bordering neighbors. (Cool!)
    We are raising the fence bottom because the bottom boards are buried, and rotting! (Not-so-cool)

  • Helped my aging dog up a few times until he got the blood flowing in his legs. (Cool!)
    A couple times I had to do it in the middle of the night because he was barking for help. (Not-so-cool)

  • Came home to relax with my family on Friday evening. (VERY COOL!)

  • And you?

    It's the last weekend of August folks! Summer's almost gone. (Definitely NOT-SO-COOL!)


    august 21

    Well, the hiatus is over -- I have returned from my all-to-brief sojourn to the land of fire and fins -- Montana.

    I relaxed a ton and promise pictures as soon as I get this roll complete and developed. You see, I've been there SO many times that it's kind of difficult to find photo ops anymore, but isn't it the photos you keep in your mind that are most important anyway??? Yes, of course I'm trying to justify not using the camera more, but I can't. I did manage to capture a couple of HUGE fish that I caught -- two of the largest trout ever for me! Both were over 20"!!! Yes, I let them go right after!

    Both quantity and quality were up for me this year. I caught -- and released -- about 20 fish in 3 days, and missed a ton more. The last morning I caught six -- 3 of which were in the 15" and above category!!! Beauties!!! Chris managed to catch a few also, as did everyone on the trip. Bob K. and Mark F. were the definite champs though, catching and releasing 10-15 fish per day -- each!!!

    This year we managed to espy much more wildlife than usual. Deer, moose, and antelope were all spotted, as well as many different species of birds of prey -- including an eagle perched on a snag above the river waiting to pounce during an evening trip to the upper Madison, just above Quake Lake. We also got to see the effects of the massive forest fires burning all over Western Montana this summer. While fishing this same stretch on Monday evening, we watched airplanes and helicopters dump water and fire retardent on the nearby Beaver Creek fire, as thick smoke billowed from the canyon.

    We knew we would be in for it when shortly after crossing the border last Sunday we started smelling smoke. Soon, we ran smack into it and did not leave it until we crossed back into Idaho the following Thursday. The smoke obscured views and hampered driving all along I-90. Just outside of Clinton and Rock Creek we actually encountered flames. Along with a bunch of trees and burning shrubs, someone's utility shed was fully engulfed not more than 200 yards from the freeway. Even in the Madison Valley the smoke would settle in at night and we'd wake up to a brown haze every morning. This is absolutely the worst I've seen it since I started going over in 1995. We didn't let this interfere with our relaxation or our fishing though. And despite everything it was one of the more relaxing trips I've ever had there. I am already itching to go back, but -- alas -- I must wait another year. *SIGH*

    So. Did I miss anything while I was gone?


    august 8

    MY GOD! I've been writing so much these days that my fingertips are numb and a semi-permanent dent has been creased into the first three fingers on each hand!

    Letters, e-mails, user guides, process documents, web sites -- wow! All that hard work will be worth it at the end of this week though, as the writing crease will be replaced by a groove produced by hooking the fishing line right before delivering a killer cast! If you couldn't tell I'm really looking forward to my 5 day respite in Montana -- dodging flames and catching fish! This trip will be my last big !HURRAH! for summer 2K -- which has been an excellent one for all the residents of jeterville -- permanent, extended, honorary and otherwise.

    I mean, local residents had some great vacations -- Yes. I realize I still need to finish the travelogue! Extended residents experienced fun from Florida, to South Carolina, to New York City. As for the honorary residents -- Jessamyn found a worthy new cause, plus she gained a new roof and paint for her barn and had a ton of visitors to her Vermont home. Brandon learned a bit about herself after some harrowing personal adventures and also found love. *Sigh* Pretty eventful, yet somehow fulfilling!!!

    I best enjoy the waning days of summer, because shortly after I return from Montana, soccer season will be upon us and jeterville won't get a rest until after Thanksgiving -- yikes! In fact, Chris has already started practicing for the U-16 squad last week!

    Is it just me, or does the fall rush seem to arrive earlier and earlier every year??? Oh well.

    Depsite the fact that it's so freaking busy, I just love fall -- don't you?!?!?! I mean, the color of the leaves, that little *nip* in the air, Halloween, Thanksgiving, the smell of a freshly mowed fall lawn, the warmth created by that first fire in the fireplace-- ahh!!! The wind and rain wrought by that first, big storm of the season is always so soothing -- isn't it? Especially when you are laying in bed, listening to the wind gently buff the window, while the rain softly drums it's rhythmic patterns on the roof. I'm getting snoozy just thinking about it!!!

    Yes indeed, living in the Pacific Northwest does have its rewards.

    Uh-oh! I'm starting to 'yearn' again!!!


    august 2

    So, has anyone noticed that there are now 'Honorary Residents' of jeterville on my site??? Does anyone actually care???

    If you would like to become one yourself, e-mail me and tell me why we should consider you for citizenship. Perhaps, if things look good, you too can become an Honorary Citizen of our fine community. Now I haven't figured out what the perks are yet, but I am working on a membership card that you can use as a bathroom pass anytime you happen to be in town!!!


    Is it just me or is Summer 2K just ZIPPING! by???? I mean, it seems like it was just Memorial Day and here we are less than a month from Labor Day!!!

    Well, despite the fact that kids will soon be returning to school and white pants will soon go out of fashion again until after May 28, 2001 I am not willing to finish summer without doing at least a couple more exciting and fun things. One thing that I have planned is my annual trek to southwestern Montana for some fishing!!!

    Last year 6 of us went and caught over 100 fish between us in 3 days of fishing -- this year 7 are going.

    We are planning to resume our annual 'wake, breakfast, drive, fish, beer, lunch, beer, nap, beer, fish, beer, dinner, beer, movie, beer, sleep' pattern for 5 days starting August 13. It should be fun and relaxing -- as usual -- as things don't get overly complex during this 5 day period. Here is a picture of my son Chris and a nice brown trout he caught last year. (Click on it to see a larger version.) I'll tell you all about it when I get back and will post new pics from this year's trip as soon as I get them developed -- OK?

    Nice fish!!!

    We make the trip over in one day, leaving jeterville very early in the morning and arriving 11 1/2 hours later -- usually about 7:30 or 8:00 PM local time. We usually stop for lunch at McDonald's in Kellogg, Idaho around Noon, and then we stop in Missoula to obtain our Montana fishing licenses about 3 - 4 PM -- MDT. Gas stops are usually before we leave, just before we get to Spokane, Missoula and Ennis. If you happen to see us along the way, stop by and say HEY! We also make the return trip in one day, making it home by about 5 or 6 PM -- PDT.

    In case you were wondering -- YES -- we DO release all the fish we catch. Our hope is that if we keep doing that, the fish will get bigger and more plentiful, making fishing more fun for everyone!!!

    BTW, I am still working on the So-Cal travelogue -- sorry. I have been busy doing actual 'work' for a friend of mine on my home computer lately. This has limited my 'creative' time and leaves me very little time for even updating this page!!! Anyway, thanks for your patience. Here's another couple pictures from the trip to help you make it through. Click on them to see larger versions!!!

    Cool! QUACK!!!


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