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december 2000

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december 13

Wow!  More and more of you are flocking to my web site every month!!!  Why?  I don't know.  I'm just glad you're here!  However, if you'd like to tell me why, click on my e-mail link at the bottom of the page and send it along.  Also, if you like what you see, keep telling your friends!!!

So, this morning when I open my e-mail, I find this message from someone I knew way back in High School.  YAH!  You could of knocked me over with a feather too!  It was a complete -- yet pleasant --  surprise!  Especially when you consider that I hadn't heard from this person in about -- oh -- 18 YEARS!  As my son Chris would say -- "Zuh?"

Anyway, Kathy, it was really great to hear from you!  Thanks so much for the e-mail!

Now, you may be asking yourself "Just how in the hell did she find you after so many years?"  No!!! It wasn't because she saw my picture hanging on the post office wall or found my name in a personal ad in some sex trade mag!  Jeez!  You people!!!  I mean, the statute of limitations is up on that little 'thing' from the early 90s, and I haven't used the personals for a few months now!  (I'm kidding people!!!)

Anyway, here's how it really happened!  

Although I've maintained a pretty low profile over the past 20 years for various and scandalous reasons (yah, right...) late last year I added my name to an alumni message board at Classmates.com.  She found my name there, and sent along greetings -- that simple. And now, here I am telling all of you about it.


december 11

How busy am I???  Obviously way too busy to update my message.  Sorry.

Next week I will have more time to devote to this page and will try to include some really cool Seasonal Decoration photos.  OK?

In the mean time I can report that the neighborhood robberies have slowed quite a bit.  Do you suppose that it's the cold weather that's keeping them in check???  Anyway, it's nice to be able to sleep again.


december 5

Well, it's the final month of 2000.  Yah!  I can't believe it either.   This year has gone very quickly and shows no sign of slowing, given all that's happened during the last two months.  I am hoping that December proves to be at least a 'bit' quieter as the month matures, but since the neighborhood burglaries have continued and we buried yet another beloved family member yesterday, it doesn't show any sign of letting up.

In many ways 2000 has been brutal here in jeterville:

To the same end, 2000 has been very good to us as well:

One common theme that has helped to achieve this balance in jeterville this year has been the extensive love and support of many of our friends and family members.  Without them, we would have had a much more difficult time making it through the tough spots.  Thanks to all of you.  I only hope that someday soon we can return the favor of your kindness.


In 2000, more than any other year in recent memory, I have been delivered proof that everything does indeed happen for a reason, although I am having trouble figuring out the reason WHY our neighborhood is still being hit by burglars!  In the past two weeks they've hit 3 times -- most recently Monday morning December 4, 2000.  And even though almost everyone in our neighborhood has an alarm on their house, they still have not been caught.

It all started last week when our next door neighbor got $2000 worth of fishing gear stolen from his car on Tuesday morning, November 28, 2000.   Two mornings later, another round where the same neighbor actually witnessed a prowler trying to get into a car in their driveway, and walking up to many houses trying to get into them -- including ours!  This all has happened in the early morning hours between 3 and 6 AM.  When this neighbor first noticed the prowler she called 911.  After a couple more minutes, with the prowler trying another couple doors and rummaging through mailboxes, she called again.  Ultimately, the prowler was long gone when the police finally arrived -- 2 1/2 hours after the original call!!!  So much for our tax dollars at work.

Needless to say, the whole thing is making us all a bit uneasy and frustrated knowing that although we have 'pegged' 3 different vehicles involved, as well as identified the license plate numbers on two of them -- including the prowler that our neighbor spotted last Thursday -- the Pierce County Sheriff's department has been unable to do much about it.  Perhaps there will be a break soon.

Any suggestions about how we might 'set a trap' for these clowns?


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